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Management Message

President Ryoji Aoki
We will continue evolving into a new era with commitment to sincere work.

In 2019, IHI Plant Services Corporation integrated the plant businesses within the IHI Group and was reborn as a comprehensive engineering company. By combining the plant engineering, construction technology, and human assets we have accumulated in a broad range of fields, we have grown into a company capable of responding to a greater variety of needs.

As the world undergoes dramatic transformation, there is a surge in efforts toward a carbon-neutral society, and at the same time there is a need to secure stable supply of energy, resources, food, and so on. Amid such circumstances, IPC will continue our core business of constructing new plants while simultaneously proposing optimal solutions that support our customers in solving various challenges, including measures to address aging plant equipment, energy-saving, higher efficiency, higher added value, and low carbonization. We will also offer services for the entire lifecycle of facilities from design to installation and after-sales care.
The IHI Group is steadily progressing toward a carbon-free society. As a member of the IHI Group, IPC also serves an important role and proactively engages in the basic study, development, and construction of facilities.

We remain committed to our stance of promoting sincere work while positioning safety, health, quality, and compliance as our top priorities. However, in order to address changes in the business environment and our customers’ challenges which grow increasingly complex, we will improve the capabilities of both our organization and individual employees while continuing to advance and never cease evolving. On behalf of IPC, I wish to convey my appreciation for your ongoing support.

Ryoji Aoki

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